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Menu w restauracji Bulaj

Menu komponowane jest z sezonowych i lokalnych produktów według autorskich przepisów w oparciu o ideę Slow Food.
Nasze dania przygotowane są z starannie wyselekcjonowanych produktów o najwyższej jakości i każdego dnia posiadamy w swojej ofercie specjały spoza karty.

Zapraszamy Państwa do skosztowania naszych dań!



Homemade żur soup 24 zł

Traditional sour rye soup served with white and smoked sausage, egg and cream

Fish soup 29 zł

Aromatic fish soup with Baltic fish stock, clam cockle and sea algae


Soup of the day

Ask the service for the soup of the day (od 24 zł-32zł)

Herring 29 zł

Herring marinated in the roots, served on potato salad with small-salt cucumber and beetroot

Pate 28 zł

Homemade pate served with homemade pickles and chutney sauce

Hummus 29 zł

Classic hummus served with Arabic bread

Beef tatare 39 zł

Chopped beef tartare, served with shrimp and wasabi mayonnaise



Ask the service for the dumplings of the day (od 28 zł-49 zł)

Mussels 48 zł

0,5 kg of mussels served classically with garlic, onion and parsley

Black lentils 37 zł

Black lentils served with vegetables

Pork knuckle 54 zł

Stewed pork knuckle served with white beans and vegetable ragout

Venison rump 52 zł

Venison rump in pumkin roll with bacon, pepper sauce, lettuce, tomato, cucumber

and served with hasselback potato

Duck 62 zł

Half a duck roasted on apples, served with beetroot, homemade potato dumplings

Ripening beef steak

Ask the staff about the steaks available today and their prices ( 72 zł  – 199 zł )

Pike perch 64 zł

Fried pike perch fillet served on pearl barley and mushroom sauce

Cod sirloin 69 zł

Confit cod sirloin served on mashed potatoes with roots vegetables


Halibut 64 zł

Baked halibut served with wild rice and sorrel sauce  


Seafood 88 zł

Shrimps, squid, and mussels with fennel and ouzo

Fish of the day

Ask the service about the fish from today's catch and its price ( 62 zł - 399 zł )

Children’s dish 29 zł

“Meat” roast with homemade potato dumplings and carrots with peas


"Fish" cod fillet sautéed with homemade potato dumplings and carrots with peas

Meringue cake 22 zł

Meringue cake with irish cream filling and strawberry mousse


Chocolate souffle 28 zł

Chocolate souffle with strawberry mousse


Dessert of the day

Ask the staff for the dessert of the day and its price ( 22 zł - 29 zł )

For tables with six seats and larger, waiter service is added in the amount of 10% of the invoice value.

All dishes are prepared on the basis of products that may contain allergens together with their derivatives: gluten contained in grains and flour, cereals, eggs, fish, crustaceans or molluscs, soy or sesame, milk with lactose, peanuts or tree nuts, celery, mustard, sulfur dioxide or sulphates. In case of any doubts regarding the allergen content of our dishes, we suggest that you ask the staff.


In the interest of ensuring the highest quality of served dishes, the compositions of the dishes may be changed.

 The waiting time for the second courses min. 30 min.

The weight of the meat in snacks is min. 80 g, in main courses min. 150 g.

 The weight of fish in snacks is min. 75 g, in main courses min.150g. Soup capacity 300 ml.


Menu from 20.11.2021

Menu english – zobacz
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